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This note Highlights Fresh Commonwealth Stamps Listed this week

Prices still low for Overseas buyers with Fresh British Guiana Antigua Malaya and many Omnibus items
In This Issue

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Many Fresh British Guiana Items Mostly Older Issues Click the image to view

Hundreds of Older British Guiana Guyana Mint and Used Items
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Despite my feelings on speaking on political matters they do seem to have filled the pages of the UK media this week. So much political rhetoric all with deep emotion but totally lacking substance. I am allowed to say that as I am, after all, a Grumpy old Man.

Anyway back to matters of more interest to us. This week I had in a nice British Guiana collection which I have broken down mostly into single items. For the main part those are used but there are some nice mint items in there too. Add to that a fine range of Antigua with a good mint / used selection from around 1938 up through the 1970s. Also quite a few, although rather spread about: Malay States and Hong Kong. On Omnibus issues there are complete runs of 1965 International Co-operation year both mint and used and 1966 Caribbean Royal Visit. I have put the Pictorial links to the British Guiana and Antigua other areas with additions can be accessed via the Yellow Text links stationed just at the foot of this note.  All well worth a look. Just click the text to go right there.

As always 
 fingers crossed there is something of interest to you and that you have the opportunity to take a look? Great if you can but if not please just have a fine weekend.
     Kindest Regards

Text Links to other areas with items added:

Malay States
Hong Kong
1965 ICY
1966 Caribbean Royal Visits
Other Royal Visit Issues
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Don't forget our British section also has hundreds of Mint and Used Mainland and Regional items all Well worth a Look:
Great Britain

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New Listing #2 Antigua

More Fresh Antigua Issues: Just Click the image to view
Many Fresh Antigua Fresh items Mint, Used, Sets and Singles
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New Listing #3 All Omnibus issues are Here

Always a good selection in this section Fresh Omnibus issues including Complete 1951 and 1958 BWI Issues Mint and Used: Just click the image to view

Lots of Fresh Omnibus sets here Mint and Used 1935 and 1990
Includes complete 1965 International Co-operation Year both Mint and Used

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