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This note Highlights Fresh Commonwealth Stamps Listed this week

Store Remains open over Vacation Period with Links to all major areas
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Our long awaited vacation has finally, almost, arrived. So this will be the last Newsletter for 3 weeks. We will be away from the 7th - 21 August.
As in past years we will leave the Store open. The Stock is controlled so your order will be reserved for you. All orders paid up to midnight on 5th of August will be cleared prior to our departure. However, orders placed from the 6th to the 21st cannot be shipped until Monday the 22nd.
I have put links to all the major areas including the "Text Links" area which is a faster way to access specific areas of interest.

There have been quite a few additions this week although spread about a bit. The main areas I have included links to via the: Yellow Text links just below the signature. 

 I hope, 
 , as always there is something special for you.  Please take a look if you have time but above all please just have a nice weekend.
     Kindest Regards

Text Links to other areas with items added:
Cayman Islands
The Saint Islands

Don't forget our British section also has hundreds of Mint and Used Mainland and Regional items all Well worth a Look:

Great Britain

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New Listing #2 Text Links to all Areas

Text Links to all areas: Just Click the image to view
If you prefer Text Links Here is a list to most areas listed alphabeticlly by Country
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New Listing #3 All Omnibus issues are Here

Always a good selection in this section Fresh Omnibus issues including Complete 1951 and 1958 BWI Issues Mint and Used: Just click the image to view

All Omnibus issues 1935 - 1997 can be accessed from here.
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