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This note Highlights Fresh Commonwealth Stamps Listed this week

Fresh items this week from Papua New Guinea Egypt Zanzibar Plus many more
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Stamps Issued in Papua and New Guinea Click image to view Index

Many Fresh New Guinea and PNG items added  this week
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This year, here, it seems to be turning into an Indian Summer with temperatures touching the 40c mark most of this week. Hard on these old brain cells when one is dreaming of some cool refreshing weather.
Staring off this week I had in a nice Papua New Guinea collection which I have put up for your interest, with some nice, used, older items and a good run of mint material from around 1952 up to 2000. Also a good spread of Egypt items across the range. Add to that a small run of Zanzibar and about 200 fresh Omnibus items makes it a good week with lots of fresh items to see. As usual I have put Yellow Text links to the various areas with additions just at the foot of this note and clicking on the text will take you direct to that section.

Fingers crossed 
 , there is something you will like. Please have a look if you have time but above all please just have a nice weekend.
     Kindest Regards

New Guinea
Papua New Guinea 1952-1965
Papua New Guinea 1966-1999
1935 Silver Jubilee
1948 Royal Wedding

Don't forget our British section also has hundreds of Mint and Used Mainland and Regional items all Well worth a Look:

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New Listing #2 Excelent Range of Malta items

Many Fresh Malta Stamps added Just Click the image to view
Lots of  Fresh Malta Stamps to see
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New Listing #3 All Omnibus issues are Here

Always a good selection in this section Fresh Omnibus issues including Complete 1951 and 1958 BWI Issues Mint and Used: Just click the image to view

All Omnibus issues 1935 - 1997 can be accessed from here.
Take a look at our royal wedding items
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