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This note Highlights Fresh Commonwealth Stamps Listed this week

Lots of Pitcairn Island and Niue additions this week Plus Plus Plus!
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Lots of Pitcairn Items added this week: Click the image to view

Lots of Pitcairn Island items added this week with 
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I am sure I have a reputation for being a bit of a Grump? So, I thought I would, by way of a change say: how nice it is to have some cool refreshing weather at last. It's an odd complaint I know and I hesitate to say it but we do need some rain. One has to be careful about what one wishes for in case one gets it, as when it does rain here we can make up a year's shortage in a few days. So, fingers crossed on that one.

It has been a good listing week with over 400 additions. I had in a nice stock of Pitcairn Island items with a good range of both mint and used material. All well worth a look. Also a small interesting: Niue collection. Most of those are older individual items. Plus, of course, hundreds of fresh Omnibus issues, pretty much across the board. As usual I have put 
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I hope, 
 , as always, there is something of interest you. Please have a look if you have the opportunity but above all please enjoy your weekend.
     Kindest Regards

Falkland Dependencies
1966-2000 Canada
Postage Due Stamps
Aden and South Arabian Federation
1962 Royal Wedding
1963 Royal Wedding

Try our British section Lots of Mint and Used Mainland and Regional items all Well worth a Look:

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New Listing #2 Niue

Many Niue items added, mostly older: Just Click the image to view
Good range of mint and used mostly older items
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New Listing #3 All Omnibus issues are Here

All Omnibus Issues are here including Complete 1965 ICY and ITU: Just click the image to view

All Omnibus issues are here including this week Complete Royal SiIver Wedding
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