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This note Highlights Fresh Commonwealth Stamps Listed this week

Fresh Grenada and more British Africa and Morocco Agencies Items added this week.

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Lots of British West Indies items added this week Items added Including much Grenada: Click the image to view

Lots of West Indies items added this week including a nice run of Grenada
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Good day   
This has been one of those weeks. Most of us here spend 350 day a year praying for rain and the other 16 praying for it to stop. This was the week the rains came bringing the worst flooding in this area since 1988. I read in the local paper: we have had more rain in this last week than in the whole of last year. This year, apart from the continuing on/off of the power, we got lucky, unlike 1988 when we got stranded for 8 days. I always get nervous when it's raining as for sure water and stamps, particularly mint, are not good companions. I always think rain here is just like snow in the UK, it comes every year with at least 9 month's notice but we are never quite ready for it. The ditches are to be cleared: next week or, it's the wrong sort of rain. I am sure you know the sort of thing.

Anyway, weather report over and back to the matter in hand. This week I have put up a nice run of West Indies items including some good Grenada stock. Also I broke two nice Africa lots with a fine Morocco Agencies collection and an excellent run of Transvaal items. Plus, of course hundreds of fresh and topped up omnibus issues. I have put the pictorial links to the main areas and as usual most areas with top ups can be accessed via the Yellow Text links just at the foot of this note. Please don't forget if you are looking for something specific the search box is very useful!

Nice if you can pay us a visit 
 but please,  above all have a nice warm dry weekend.
     Kindest Regards

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New Listing #2 British Africa

Lots of Morocco Agencies Transvaal Items added Just Click the image to view
Lots of Morocco Agencies and Transvaal Items added including many Blocks
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New Listing #3 All Omnibus issues are Here

All Omnibus Issues are here including Complete 1965 ICY and ITU: Just click the image to view

Allways well topped up our Omnibus Section is Second to none Take a LOOK

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