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This note Highlights Fresh Commonwealth Stamps Listed this week

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Additions to Many areas including North Borneo and Labuan
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Selection of North Borneo Sabah Labuan : Click the image to view

North Borneo Labuan and Sabah
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Welcome to another, hopefully, fun filled weekend.
One of the problems with being a one man band, which I am, not to mention that the Buck always stops here, is that it negates the need to acknowledge that anyone else helps. In my case that is not quite so as my darling wife Judy although not actively involved in the business has always seen that wheels and cogs that drive the enterprise are well fed and oiled. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks back; she contracted a lung infection and spent 11 days in hospital in the provincial capital. Whilst I have kept up with incoming orders there hasn't been too much time for fresh listing. So, in the two days that she has been back I have had a blitz and put up a fair number of fresh items but well spread across the entire range. This always gives the problem of what direction to point you in? There is a nice, though small, range of North Borneo, Sabah and Labuan also a fair few Bahamas items so I have put the pictorial links to those.  Other areas with larger additions can be accessed via the Yellow Text Links just below this note.

 if you have the opportunity take a look and as always I hope there is something of interest for you. Most important though is: even if you can't look just have a nice weekend.
     Kindest Regards


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New Listing #2 Bahamas 1863-2000

Nice run of Bahamas items

A good selection of Bahamas Items
Take a look

New Listing #3 All Omnibus issues are Here

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Over 400 Miniature Sheets to see Click the image to view
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