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Sorry to have been missing for the last two weeks However, down to seasonal illness, I have been unable to send out our usual weekly Newsletter. I have managed to stay ahead of the orders and also to list quite a few items across a fairy wide range but by the time we got to Saturday and sending out this note I am afraid I was just past it. Oh to be 20 years old again but come to think of it 70 wasn't bad either.
My malady plaid havoc with my ability to concentrate too hard on anything so I focused on putting up a fair amount of previously out of stock items. So there are good top ups for the middle period of Australia, and a good run of mint overprints from British Agencies in Arabia and Africa. So, I have put the main links to those and other topped up areas via the Yellow Text Links just below this note.

 Sorry to have let you down over the last two weeks. Please
 if you have the opportunity take a look and as always I hope there is something of interest for you. Most important though is just have a nice weekend.
     Kindest Regards


British Post Offices in Africa
Modern New Zealand
British Commonwealth Stamps Issued in the South Pacific

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New Listing #2 British Posal Agencies in Arabia

Nice run of British Post Offices in Bahrain Kuwait and Eastern Arabia

A Range of British Postal Agencies in Arabia: Bahrain Kuwait and Eastern Arabia
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New Listing #3 All Omnibus issues are Here

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All Omnibus Issues in Sets are here.

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Over 400 Miniature Sheets to see Click the image to view
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